"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution."
- Emma Goldman, 1931

what is NAP GIRLS INT'L?

Nap Girls Int'l is a collaborative organization whose mission is to connect and empower women and nonbinary people by nurturing creative and professional growth.

Announcing Our Partnership with Goldenvoice


In an era of sleepy time and wokeness, we're excited to announce that our ethos at Nap Girls will be extended to support a new partnership with Goldenvoice, the tastemakers and curators of local favorites like Coachella and FYF. Aimed to boost awareness for the causes and philanthropic projects Nappers are passionate about, our new partnership allows us to share the principles of our non-profit to a larger audience by way of Goldenvoice events throughout the year.

Chill TF Out in the Nap Lounge


Whether you need a break from dancing, want to escape some weirdo's stare, or just need a place to chillax, our Nap Lounge is your new favorite break-away from your nightlife getaway. Our Nap Lounges will feature comfy chairs, low lights, blankets, pillows, music from our Nap-kin, and all-around plush vibes throughout the space along with info about sexual health and goodies from sponsors and friends. The Nap Lounge offers a tranquil environment for you to rest and relax before, after or between your time on the dance floor!

No two Nap Lounges will be the same as we'll be showcasing various sponsorships, artists, initiatives, and causes for each Lounge iteration. We want you music lovers to spend a few minutes relaxing and socializing but also be given the tools and resources to give back to the community. 

Join Us at Our Soft Launch with Autograf at El Rey Theatre on April 5t

We're excited to launch our partnership and concept this April 5th at El Rey for the Autograf tour! Known and loved for their futuristic sounds, we have one of the hosts of Autograf's Future Factory Radio, and fellow Napper to boot, DJ Silva spinning chill jams all night long!

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